About Soulfultripto


Traveling is no longer just vacationing for me. I don’t even remember when I started thinking about travel differently. As a kid, I always used to eagerly wait for my summer vacations, like every other kid in the school. I loved those vacations, where my dad used to plan trips. I guess that somehow gave me a knack for vacations.

I am inspired by those who live for traveling. I’ve met people who left their country and are traveling for like 25 years. Also, I would say that digitization of almost everything has played a crucial role in producing more travelers. These travel articles these days infuse the travel instincts in all the millennial. Who doesn’t like going to new places,right? I won’t deny, I’m a part of this traveler community and I am proud to be one.

Live for traveling, might sound very tempting but it requires a lot of work. I aspire that but I’m not ready for that yet. I am a Digital Marketing Manager and I love my job. The day I find the balance between my profession and passion, you’ll see a Digital Marketing Professional working from “Anywhere in the World”.

Soulfultripto is an attempt to share travel experiences and few suggestions that I would like to share to make your trip, soulful.

You can email me, in case you would like to know more about my travel stories or soulfultripto.

Shoot out emails @ ananya.patra1081992@gmail.com.

Always happy to help.